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Benefits of using Mr. PayMan

Payman joined Bloomberg TV Bulgaria’s podcast “Technology of the money”

Payman’s CEO, Jordan Stoyanov, took part in Bloomberg TV Bulgaria’s podcast “Technology of the money” on 23/11. He gave insights about the advantages of integrating businesses and technology, including how to improve the efficiency in resource allocation, flexibility and innovation.

Mr. Stoyanov believes that businesses which underestimate the continued development and integration of new technologies are even more exposed to risks and cannot protect themselves efficiently against existing or future threats. The coronavirus pandemic is a recent example. "We have a lot of catching up to do in terms of technological innovation and in terms of cultivating the talent in the country that could implement a given technology" he concluded. He reckons that one of the biggest risks is to do something for which we are not prepared.

Payman’s CEO also focused on the expectations for the recent recession and the opportunities which it presents to some companies. “There will be a recession, but there will be businesses that will prosper in a way that they have not prospered before. The crisis will cover those who are not prepared", concluded Stoyanov. He does not expect the situation to affect the investment intentions business.