Use Cases

E-commerce merchant

You are an online Merchant who requires for your website end-to-end check-out and payment processing services, which give you not only fast, reliable and low cost processing of your customers’ purchases, but optimize the handling of returns and enable you to efficiently process and manage your own payments to suppliers and/or 3rd party vendors via free p2p transactions, including the option for direct debit payments.

We can offer you all the services you will need to achieve those goals, including:

  • eWallet services

  • IBAN account management in BGN and EUR

  • Full package of payments processing options - p2p, card acquiring, credit transfers, Direct debit, payroll and mass payments, budget payments

  • Company cards management.

Benefits of using Mr. PayMan
Benefits of using Mr. PayMan

Insurance company / brokerage

Your insurance company / brokerage is integrated with Payman Group's own product/service catalogue and payment gateway. Your clients will be able to browse and choose within the web/mobile applications among the different types of insurance products (life, car, health, home, corporate or any other). Once a customer selects a product, he/she will be prompted to sign up for Direct Debit consent for the future periodic payments of the Insurance Policy. As a result, all policy installments will be collected timely by you via immediate and free p2p transactions.

The greatest service benefits for the Insurer are the timely, fast, and cheap processing of premiums collection and/or refunds, easy management of policies renewals and overall control.

Retail merchant

Your physical store store needs an end-to-end payment processing services, which provide fast, reliable and low cost processing of customers' purchases, returns and payments to suppliers and/or 3rd party vendors. With our products you get smooth onboarding and integration on top of seamless processing of payments without the need of PoS devices or cards, or anything that slows and complicates your processes.

Benefits of using Mr. PayMan
Benefits of using Mr. PayMan

Accounting and payroll

Your Accounting/Payroll company wants to optimize the execution of all inter-company transactions and/or salary payments, while lowering transactional expenses. With Payman Group's Payroll service your company will be able to streamline the preparation of client's payroll pay sheets and automate the execution of all mass transactions for salary and budget payments via p2p and/or credit transfers.

Fast loan provider

You are a provider of financing services for small and stock loans, but you need to improve the disbursement and subsequent collection of monthly installments. Our solution allows you to easily onboard your clients, disburse loans, collect payments via free p2p transactions and set Direct debit payments. Once you approve a new loan, your client's wallet will be automatically credited with the approved amount, while he/she is prompted to sign Direct Debit consent.

Benefits of using Mr. PayMan