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PayMan Group was granted an EMI license by the Bulgarian National Bank

PayMan Group was granted an EMI license by the Bulgarian National Bank photo

PayMan Group was granted an EMI license by the Bulgarian National Bank in a mission to provide latest generation payment services. This license will:

  • Enable us to provide in the EU a much wider range of secure digital payment services
  • Enable us to provide much more customized solutions for e-commerce;
  • Allow us to comfortably base our further expansion in Bulgaria and tackle the EU market with the local talent.

We are very excited to announce that Payman Group has successfully passed the Electronic Money Institution licensing procedure of the Bulgarian National Bank. The license will allow our Company to offer a full range of digital payment services in the EU, starting from Bulgaria, with the mission to enable our business clients to provide to their end customers a superb experience, security and speed.

With focus on fast and configurable payment functionality which can be quickly and easily embedded into any software, our platform will enable our clients to instantly issue digital accounts, collect, deposit and disburse funds in BGN and EUR across multiple payment channels, including p2p, SEPA, BISERA and cards.

On top of our most differentiated service our platform will provide a full range of additional services including E-wallet, card issuing and acquiring functionalities, physical and virtual card management, contactless payments, prepaid cards, open banking capabilities (Payment Initiation and Account Information Services), and payroll payment processing.

Last but not least we will offer a unique functionality for Direct Debit payments to mediate the e- commerce of our merchants and their end customers. As an extension of the Direct Debit service, individual clients will be able to easily set automated payments of utility bills, telecommunication services, installment payments on various financial products.

We aim to provide our clients not only with an out of the box ready technical solution to meet their current challenges and needs, but customizable solutions, which will enable them to build new payment products into their own software applications and turn our payment platform into the one- stop shop for digital businesses.

Payman Group will continue its investment in Bulgaria and in the EU by strengthening its local team and attracting highly experienced professionals from the Bulgarian tech and financial industries.

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